How often should I trim my hair?

Its recommended to trim your hair every 8-12 weeks. Lets keep in mind that your ends are the oldest part of your hair, this means its been exposed to some damage: sun, chlorine, sea water, build up, lack of moisturizing, heat tools such like curling or flat iron and the unappropriated usage of hair products. All this leads to breakage, split ends. The hair becomes weak and in order to prevent breakage us professionals recommend trim in a regular basis. If you want to keep same length, a trim is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

My hair doesn’t seem to grow much, why?

Hair grows an average of half to an inch per month. Some hair will grow faster or slower than others.

Why my hair feels greasy?

Our scalp produces its own oils to keep our hair healthy, some people produces more than other. If your hair feels greasy is probably because your shampoo is not giving you a good cleanse, but lets also keep in mind we don’t want to rinse off completely the natural oils, remember your hair needs it to be healthy. You might want to try a different shampoo that fits your hair needs and a conditioner that lightly moisturizes your hair. I personally like to give my self a quick scalp massage an a gentle scrub with my finger tips.

Why my hair is so dry?

Many factors can cause dryness, in many cases is the lack of moisturizing. Choosing the right shampoo and particularly a rich conditioner and moisturizing treatments is something I definitely recommend. Other reasons can be related to health issues, diets, not drinking enough water (see your physician).

Why does my hair color fades so quick?

Just to mention a couple reasons: the quality of your hair color, the porosity of your hair, the wrong shampoo and other hair products. If your hair is colored I highly recommend sulfate free and/or color safe shampoos, there mild formula helps prevent color from fading.

What are Sulfates?

Are what make shampoos turn into that thick lather in the shower. They can dry your scalp and hair, can irritate your eyes and skin, and they can also strip the natural oils.

I really want to style my hair, How can I prevent damage?

Keeping your hair properly moisturized and using hair products with heat protectant can highly prevent your hair to dry or damage, also avoid using your tools at their highest setting.

What temperature should I set my heat tools when styling (curling or flat iron)?

Fine, chemically treated and damaged hair should be styled at a low setting, below 300 degrees. Normal hair can be styled at 300-380 degrees, while thick and coarse hair can be styled at 350-400 degrees. Most heat tools now have their highest setting at 450 degrees, but to keep the integrity of your hair, avoid using it. We can’t even bake a cake over the 400 degrees, right?

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