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“Being able to make people happy by changing or enhancing their hair style, making them look and feel fabulous. With a very few tools all that is possible”.   Gray B.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I trim my hair?

It is recommended to trim your hair every 4-6 months.

My hair doesn’t seem to grow much, why?

Hair grows an average of half inch to an inch per month. Some hair will grow faster or slower than others.

Why my hair feels greasy?

Our scalp produces it’s own oils to keep our hair healthy, some people produces more than other.

Why my hair is so dry?

Many factors can cause dryness, in many cases is the lack of moisturizing.

Why does my hair color fades so quick?

Just to mention a couple reasons: the quality of your hair color, the porosity of your hair, the wrong shampoo and other hair products.

What are Sulfates?

Are what make shampoos turn into that thick lather in the shower. They can dry your scalp and hair, can irritate your eyes and skin, and they can also strip the natural oils.


What People are Saying

“Gray did a fantastic job”

“The environment is great and her willingness to listen as I explained what I wanted was very appreciated as was her knowledge and ability to figure out the right look for me.”

Natalie M.

“I will definitely be back soon!”

“Grisey is absolutely amazing. She makes you feel like at home. She is very patient and enjoys doing what she does.”

Giselle A.

“Gray is amazing”

“She did an amazing job toning my hair to exactly what I wanted.”

Jessi N.

“The best balayage I’ve ever had!”

“I was recommended by a coworker two years ago and have been coming to see Gray ever since!”

Dominique P.

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